Languages? confusing !

Over the years I've gotten used to read other people's livejournals, so it did not seem it would be so difficult to start my own. It's not. But something on this computer registered that I live in a French-speaking country, so it tried to give me french to read when it can. Including, of course, LJ registration. Which ended up in a pretty confusing mix, switching to french to english to french nearly every sentence. So much for starting an english-only journal! I don't know what worries me most: having trouble handling this switchting, even though I'll probably be doing it for most of next year? Or the fact that I'm searching for my words when I'm speak French these last days when it is my native language ? Since monday I spent so much time reading exclusively in english that I dreamt in english last night. And yesterday, I hesitated when talking to the baker because I was thinking in english still... and switching back to french feels so unnatural that it's freaking me out. Did I point out that french is my first langage ? I'm pretty fluent in it. Usually.